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experienced elephant wrestler.

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About Hudson

Hi there, my name is Hudson Ludy.
Ever since age three I’ve been fascinated with the art of storytelling.
Most of my childhood afternoons would be filled with creating things and presenting them to my family, seeing how they’d react.
I would re-create the parades from Disneyland that had  inspired me, I would draw faces on pebbles and sell them to my siblings as “rock toys”, and later on, I started making films. I think the “making films” thing is what has stuck with me the longest.
I’m fascinated how storytelling is communicated through the motion picture. Ever since age about age nine, I’ve been studying the art of cinema, mostly through trail and error with creating my own projects.
Since then, I’ve produced and posted over 25 animated short films to my YouTube channel, Spudson, gathering over 350,000 views in total. My hope is to enter the media industry and tell stories that inspire meaning and purpose and glorify God.