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Hello, my name is Hudson Ludy. I’m an 18 year old writer, songwriter, and actor working in theatre. Recently, I wrote, directed and acted in “Commissioned”, a one act play, which performed locally, closing on August 2, 2023. 

Previously, from 2021-2023, I toured North America as an actor with “Arise Collective Theatre” in “Pilgrim: The Musical”. 

I also spent most of my teenage years making stop-motion animation using LEGO. These can be found on my inactive YouTube channel, “Spudson”.

Hudson Ludy


Hey, I'm Hudson.

Hey, I'm Hudson

On the fateful night of December 29, 2004, I was born to parents, Eric and Leslie Ludy. However, I have always been suspicious that I’m really an adopted Muppet, but I’m still waiting for the DNA test results to confirm that.
 I am a proud resident of Colorado. I’m also a big fan of musical theatre, the outdoors, thrifting, theme parks, and both hand-drawn and stop-motion animation.
I’ve always been a very creative person, desirous to build back yard theme parks at the age of seven, then desirous to make movies at the age of fifteen, now…uh…well…the term I use to describe what I am is “storyteller” which is actually code for “I do a lot of things and can’t pick one to represent me”.
I’m an actor, currently a company member with Arise Collective Theatre. A writer, editing my debut novel as we speak. It will be releasing soon. And a songwriter, currently writing an original musical. I also make animations on my YouTube channel, Spudson.
To quote my mom, “In terms of talent, Hudson is without a doubt in the top six of my kids. Note: I have six kids.”
 My life’s desire is to live by 1 Corinthians 10:31. To do all that I do for God and Him alone.



I am currently on tour with the Arise Collective Theatre company performing as characters, “Hypocrisy” and “Judge Hate-Good” in Pilgrim: The Musical. I am incredibly honored to participate in such a wonderful show with a soul-stirring message.


 In 2017, I joined the internet community of brickfilming, a.k.a, stop motion animations using LEGO. Since then, I’ve written, directed, and animated over twenty short films, gaining over 350,000 views on my YouTube channel, Spudson. The most notable projects include, “Frankenstew” (Released in 2020 and earned 9th place in Bricks in Motion’s “Fright and Fear” contest),  and Joey McJohnathan Has An Epiphany (Released in 2020 and earned 6th place in Bricks in Motion’s “BRAWL” contest). I credit my time making animations as a key influence of my current storytelling styles. I  remain a community member, still creating films for contests held by Bricks in Motion, most recently, “My Personal Apocolypse” (Released in 2022 and earned 13th place in Bricks in Motion’s “THAC” contest).


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