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If you’re here, I, Hudson Ludy or someone I know personally has given you a link. First of all, thanks for being here. It really means a lot that you’d check out my work. Second, please don’t share the link of this site without my permission. THIS SITE’S CONTENTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND ARE NOT TO BE MADE PUBLIC. Thanks for understanding.

The purpose of this site is to give a visual idea as to the creative projects I’ve been working on. Specifically, the project “Hoodlum”. 

Also, please note that everything you’ll see on this site is very unpolished and likely will be dramatically altered and improved as the project develops.  

Again, thanks! Here’s a picture of a frog in a wizard costume! 

Pitch Bible (Video)

This is a  lengthy and verbose video featuring a detailed rundown of the project, Hoodlum: The Musical. The show is quite complicated, so if you’re looking for a good understanding of it, I’d recommend watching this. Perhaps on 2X speed. 


For the past two years, I’ve been collaborating with my dad to create “Hoodlum”, a time traveling Robin Hood themed misadventure.

The idea for the story was born from the concept of “What if Robin Hood became the bad guy? Specifically, what if evil time travelers from the future came back in time to corrupt Robin Hood? Who is left to save Nottingham?”

The book is a zany comedy adventure with a surprisingly dramatic twist. Dealing with themes such as friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness. 

My dad and I firmly believe that important messages and good stories can be told in the context of comedy. 

Working on this book has been the hightlight of my life. I can’t wait for the world to be able to experience it. 

The book will premier October 7, 2023 and will be released in physical, digital and audio book format shortly thereafter. 



In addition to the book, for the past year, I’ve been adapting the novel into a stage musical. I’ve always had a passion for musical theatre, and it would be a dream to bring the story to life in that medium. 

I began composing the show with absolutely no experience and have slowly learned how to create music and specifically, how to tell stories with music. 

As of writing this, I have 16/22 songs mostly written. I expect to finish the first draft of the show by Winter 2023. 

I don’t have any set-dates for when this show would come to life on stage.

Music Demos (Hoodlum and Others)

Other Projects

“Missionary Stories” is a one act anthology play that will debut in June 2023 for a limited performance in Windsor CO. The play follows five different stories of Christian missionaries throughout history. Their struggles, their work, and their faith in Jesus Christ.

“No Man’s Land” is a one act musical about “The Christmas Truce” which occurred on Christmas day 1914 during World War 1. The show focuses on six individual soldiers, three German and three French. This show has no set date, but the goal would be for a Christmas 2024 production.