Welcome to the site for "Hoodlum: The Demo Album"

Hi there! On this site you will find all the demos for a musical i’ve been writing christened “Hoodlum”. Creating this show has taken a large amount of my energy and time for the past few years, so it truly means a lot that you would check it out. However, I humbly ask that you refrain from sharing the content of this website with others, unless given permission. Please contact me at hudsonludy@gmail.com before sharing. Thanks for being here. Enjoy! 

– Hudson


Robin Hood’s nobility has been corrupted by evil time travelers, and it’s up to his best friend, Will Scarlett to redeem the Legend of Sherwood Forest before it’s too late. 

About Hoodlum

Hoodlum: The Musical is a two act, adventure-comedy stage musical that satirizes, subverts, and is a tribute to the legends of Robin Hood. Currently, the show is in the process of being written, with book, music, and lyrics by Hudson Ludy. The show aims to capture the mirth, fantasy, and joy found in the Robin Hood myths, while simultaneously telling an emotionally impactful story about forgiveness and redemption. 


8/22 Demos Recorded // 16/22 Songs Written

Act 1




The Merry Men of Sherwood

Robin’s Speech

The Ballad of Gak The Hyperactive Spider

In Aternum

In Aternum (Reprise)

Dude, Spidey-Dude

Untitled Act 1 Robin Hood Song

Blakeney’s Lament

Scuttlebutt Part 1

Scuttlebutt Part 2

Act 2


Life is Like Baseball 

Scared of the Dark

Twang! (Archery Tournament) 


Forever The Hero

Cell #12

In Aternum (Reprise II)

Storybook Ending