NoCo Inklings

Hello! My name is Hudson Ludy. I’m attempting to find a minimum of five individuals who are interested in helping me form a group for artists and creatives in Northern Colorado.  

I want to replicate the spirit of The Inklings, a group of quirky middle aged British men who met once a week at Oxford University in the 1930s to give each other feedback on creative works and essays. Among the group were J.R.R. Tolkien (who wrote The Lord of the Rings) and C.S. Lewis (who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia).  

Without the support of the group, works like The Lord of The Rings may have not ever been written. Creating something is hard work and so often it’s done completely alone. I would like to do my best to change that. 

NoCo Inkings will be a real world meeting place where artists can share works in progress to get tailored feedback, collaboration, and support. 

Requirements To Join

To join the group, you must meet the following qualifications;

1. YOU ARE ACTIVELY OR WILL BE ACTIVELY MAKING ART. Anything that requires creative effort is included in the umbrella term “art”. Some examples include; writing, filmmaking, photography, painting, YouTube videos, music, ect.

2. You are WILLING TO PRESENT what you are working on to the group for feedback, encouragement, and critique.

3. You are able to attend the meetings in person in Windsor CO.

What will meetings look like?

If you choose to join, you will be added to a rotating schedule of presenting what you’re working on to the group. A specific night will be dedicated to going over your work in progress. After you present it, the group will discuss your work. Giving feedback, critique, and encouragement. You’d be expected to also attend as often as you’re able to help give feedback to your fellow creative artists.  

There is no cost to joining and participating in the group.

When will this start?

If I can find five or more people who are committed to being apart of the group prior to April 1, 2024, we will hopefully begin meetings in that same month. 


Email –

Instagram – @hudsonludy