animated brickfilm

Writen, Driected, and Animated by Hudson Ludy

What's It About?

Frankenstew is a parody of the famous story, Frankenstein, done in iconic LEGO stop-motion animation brickfilm style. It follows the adventures of an ambitious chief (Frankie) as he tries to create life from a bowl of soup. A parrot, shark spray, and a treasure chest full of Bionicle bombs might do the trick. Will Frankie be able to bring his stew to life?

Behind the Soup

Some of my favorite works of writing are the ones that take a concept that everyone is familiar with and completely flips it on it’s head. That’s what I attempted to do with Frankenstew. Everyone knows the story of Frankenstien, and everyone is familiar with the concept of cooking. I thought it would be fun to combine the two, creating the story of an ambitious chief who attempts to create life from a bowl of stew.


Frankenstew ended up placing 9th out of 34 entries in Bricks in Motion’s summer contest, “Fright and Fear”.