Joey McJohnathan has an Epiphany

animated brickfilm

Writen, Driected, and Animated by Hudson Ludy

What's It About?

While sinking to the bottom of the ocean, Joey McJohnathan looks back at his failures and regrets…and has an epiphany.

Behind the Epiphany

I made Joey McJohnathan has an Epiphany back in June of 2020 for an annual brickfilming competition called BRAWL in which animators have one week to write, shoot, and edit a film. I recently remastered it (as the original was edited in 420p, exported in 4:3, and had no color correction, the reason why is because I was on a deadline and didn’t have time to check the export quality…oops). Despite the very low picture quality the first ended up placing 7th in the contest. Now, I am happy to re-present Joey McJohnathan to the world today in decent quality.


Joey McJohnathan has an Epiphany ended up placing 6th out of 66 entries in Bricks in Motion’s week long contest, “BRAWL 2020”.